We are pleased to have the opportunity to photograph the wedding in beautiful Croatian town Zadar. This year Croatia was a very popular destination. It has been written a lot about it in domestic and foreign media. Vis have the most beautiful beach. Dubrovnik was covered with walking cameras of the world most famous films and tv shows. Zadar was given the title of the best European destination.

We are really grateful for that because our coast is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world and offers a great inspiration, especially for photographers. We hope one day we will walk our cameras there again.

Damjan and Antonija are amazing couples. Great and simple people who manage to get things done when you think it’s already all over and too late. We consider this is a virtue. There is another thing we love with our couples and that is music. Damjan is a guitarist in famous Croatian band Plastic Knives and has really excellent musical taste. If I list bands that we both love, I would never finish this text. During the pre-wedding shooting in Zagreb, a few weeks ago, we talked about concerts where we were and ones on which we want to go. Amazing!

Antonija is an architect, what was actually a profession of my dreams, but as you can see, I’m writing this text and photograph weddings with my girlfriend. Antonija is very sophisticated, nice and kind. I dare say that architecture, music playing and developing are the really great combination.

This story shows really emotional moments full of hugs, love, and joy. You’ll notice how much photos like that is here. This is the other side of these two, something more intimate and more romantic than their everyday life. Rustic decorations, Adriatic sea, palm trees, jazz music are also part of this story with which we wanted to connect emotions and happiness.

I hope you will enjoy like we did. Thank you for everything, you were amazing (and of course you’re still).
p.s. You had the best first dance in our wedding season!
p.p.s. Antonija, we hope that your knee is doing well! (It actually means you danced properly)
{Tomislav and Lara}


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Wonderfuly told story.

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