“When I saw this couple’s photos for the first time, I was overwhelmed by indescribable and quiet, silent happiness. Finally, someone managed to capture my favorite season – autumn. In their photos, you can smell rain, melancholy, feel the lonely walk through the mist when you know that you will find beauty and purity of life itself at the end of that road. They are dreamy, mystical, but at the same time very comforting, and they send you the message – everything will be fine! On this photos are recorded invisible strings of love that consumes all – love for yourself, love you can find in nature, the freshness of autumn morning, secrecy of autumn nightfall, the sound of whispering trees in the forest, the sound of pure, raw nature, lover’s love, friends! They are skillfully capturing the beauty of everyday life which is if we get close enough, everything but daily and common. This couple crafty records less visible invisible, miraculously in daily, and all that without imposing their own interpretations and banal messages. They are simply offering peace and freedom, so the observer can project his own impressions, interpretations into every photo and find peace and silent happiness of existing!”

Iva & Mario February 9, 2018

“I don’t know how many times will I look at these photos before writing anything to you. I’m not sure that I will find enough amazing words to describe this feeling. With the intertwined steps of life, we have met and you left a long lasting impression and a stamp in our hearts. What you are doing is something very special, unpredictable and very intimate. While watching every photo and reading every word you wrote to us, I want to keep you jealously for myself. I can’t suspend my feelings, but I also have to say that you are worth millions of this world because you are real and honest people. I love you, my dear T&L. Stay forever what you are because your energy and humanity are different from all others. We will be always grateful for everything you did for us.”

Andrea & Marko September 9, 2016

We came across the photos of Tomislav and Lara's work for the first time, we knew that it was it. After looking into many wedding photographers we were finally astonished. The Ideas they had were incredible. From beginning to the end everything wants perfectly. Once you make a deal with these wonderful people, everything is in their hands. They made sure they were doing everything in time and exactly the way we imagined it. From the multitude of obligations and loads of stress that the newlyweds are having - Tomislav and Lara and their perfectly good organization are just what everyone needs!Their professional eye captured the entire atmosphere, and from our wedding, they created a fairytale. If we could repeat our wedding, we would be hired them without any doubt.

Elizabeta & Matej November 29, 2017

Tomislav and Lara won our fascination immediately. So kind, friendly, professional. The first thing I want to mention is that we received our photos just a month after the wedding. We had great expectations because the photographer was a very important part of our wedding. We did our best to find the perfect photographers. But Tomislav and Lara exceeded our expectations. Looking at the photos, you can feel all the emotions of that day. So many captured spontaneous moments, details, smiles, tears, hugs, emotions... A lot of praises and definitely the most sincere recommendations from us to all who want to preserve their most beautiful moments in photos. Better than any movie!

Marina & Ivan September 9, 2017