When I started shooting on film, I couldn’t imagine that, one day, wedding photography will be our job and that we will be a film wedding photographers. We already said few times, that our story starts with 35 mm film. We are really blessed and grateful because that story still goes on, but this time, not just as our hobbies. “Film wedding photographers” is a part where we want to show you what we love the most in this industry. There is a lot of ways to express yourself in the way people love. These photos are photos we really adore and which we wanted to emphasize. That’s why we made this separate. 

In this gallery aren’t important questions like “Why shooting on film?”, “Why are the photos blurred?”, “Why only black and white?”… These photos were created by feelings. We didn’t notice how something looks like, it was important for us how We felt at that moment. This is the only right way to do it! Only by emotions, you can see if you are doing something right or not. Of course that we will continue shooting in color, but, photos like these are something we love the most.

In every business, the most important is working in your own way, because only then you can stand out from the crowd. The crowd might be a comfort zone, but it doesn’t guarantee long-term success. Clients will always want someone who will make them feel more special.

With love,

Tomislav & Lara

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