A lot of pages are required to express all experiences and feelings through these favourite frames. This time we will make a difference and express gratitude at the very beginning to all of you who give us a chance every year to make galleries like this one. Thanks to all people who are faithfully following us and supporting our ideas beyond the wedding industry.

We never thought that after the age of 25 times will begin to pass so fast. We don’t know whether this is good or bad, but we are trying to live every day in the moment and time we spend together. This year is big for us! As we said before it changed us a lot as persons. Also made us stronger for new experiences awaiting in the next year. We can’t describe how wonderful it is when someone appreciates your work when you have positive and negative critics on it! Through this year we felt it the most on our work. So we will paraphrase in short lines why was it the most special year to us.

2018 was filled with events, positive energy and beautiful things happening to us and people who we cooperate with. We had the opportunity to see exhibitions of artists who inspire us (like Frida Kahlo, Tošo Dabac and Jindřich Štreit). Take the time for a vacation in Bratislava and a few excellent concerts and big European festivals. Each of us began our own business outside wedding photography. We give our best in every job and that was recognized by world-famous portals and magazines. Lara started working as a biologist. I agreed to be a photographer on a movie set before the wedding season starts. We celebrated the first birthday of “Marcijuš Weddings” brand in Beograd. Tomislav launched the brand “Osijek Postcards” which circled through all Croatia and all media.

We started with framed prints of inscriptions in Osijek and later these inscriptions ended on shirts. At the end of the year, after completing our work, we were able to plan our own workshop, within which will be a wedding photo exhibition called “Loud Like Love”. It will take place from 06.04. – 07.04.2019. Also, the concept for the book “Osijek Postcards” was created and for the first exhibition of Tomislav’s photos recorded on the film entitled “Far From Heaven”. And for the end, we were declared for 30 best wedding photographers in the world for 2018 by Rangefinder magazine which left a great mark on our business. We are ending this year and also this story with the 12th published gallery in 2018 on our page.

After all these sentences we have a feeling that the year lasted only a month. Everything flicked in front of us. Next year will be more interesting and we are happy about that!

We wish you all the best in the New Year! Be positive, creative, active and support creativity in your environment. We wish you all happy holidays!
Tomislav & Lara