Before we start with new adventures and photos, we want to show you England Garden Wedding session for which we decided that will be our last personal project this year.

With this project, we want to show the things we love, what locations and what type of decoration we like. With a little effort, you can do a lot and create the impression that this wedding is real. We couldn’t do this without a help of all these awesome people. With a little bit of imagination and creative individuals, you can do wonders. This is a place of great unused potential located in eastern Croatia, more accurately in Donji Miholjac. English castle, small labyrinth, old glass greenhouses, woods, and stream all in one place. We were delighted with employees of tourist community who gave us permission to use the location and gave us absolute freedom.  In the future, we hope that people will recognize the potential of this castle and start organizing weddings and other similar events on this location.

We would like to introduce these wonderful people who made all of this possible. Lulu Art is a brilliant floral artist who created a table setting and bouquet into something special. She is our recommendation for all of you who want to make something different and creative. Thank our models who will be our newlyweds nex year. Thank you for becoming a part oft his story. We are grateful to our favorite wedding dress designer Ivana for another cooperation and a chance to photograph her breathtaking work! Marina thank you for your beautiful designed wedding invitations. We are hoping that you’ll have a lot of work in future.

This is all for you! Remember where ever you are, for your wedding you can do something special. There are no boundaries. All that matters is what you want, not somebody else. Listen to yourself. Enjoy with Tango With Lions and photos, of course!

Models: Matea and Vladimir
Dresses: Gray by Ivana Čizmadija
Location: Mailath Castle, Donji Miholjac, Croatia
Flowers and table set: Lulu Art
Wedding Invitation: mmml studio



The Smittens

Guys,this is sooo beautiful,and the world needs to see it 👏 ❤❤❤

14:47 April 23, 2017


    Thank you so much guys! Means a lot <3

    23:50 April 23, 2017


Predivno, svaka cast!!

10:30 April 25, 2017


    Thank you Marija <3

    15:49 April 25, 2017