Hello, dear followers! We hope you enjoyed in our latest blog because now you have a chance to see our personal Countryside Backyard Wedding project. This blog post is so special to us. We hope you will take a minute and read these few paragraphs and look at all of these photos which were made in a place of my childhood.

The village left a great impression on me. Nature gave us lowlands and a chance to do our best in a place where we come from. We realized that we really want to do everything we can in our business and we want to make great photos anywhere. Because of all this, the village has become one of the inspirations. We recently shared a short post on our Instagram profile where we said we have nothing in this part of Croatia. The only thing we have is lowlands, without rich landscapes and that’s it. Village, Slavonian style, lowlands, and fields provide a special story that doesn’t want to miss. We want it to be a part of us.

How you’re getting old and become more mature, you realize that every corner around you is beautiful and that you are the happiest person when you work for yourself. You are happy because you have a chance to show your work through things that inspire you. The media are showing so many things, a lot of analog and digital gears are available, the world of music, movies and TV shows is full of inspiration. You can make a great job! Look around and you will see. If you can’t make something epic in the place where you come from, maybe you can’t make it anywhere.

For this project, everything was DIY. We create the setting table, menu and other decorations, the only thing we bought were white roses and gypsophila. This sweet location, a private venue with the fishery, is located in Darda. To make this story even more special, we use analog cameras Zenit 11 and Canon AE-1. Films which we used were Kodak Tri-x400 and Fuji C200.

In this Countryside, Backyard Wedding project was involved our dear people and friends Gray, whose creations we adore photograph because her dresses perfectly fit with our style. We also want to say big thank you to our perfect models Kristina Marić Kia and Domagoj Mrkonjić. You were the best despite the terrible conditions that day. Kristina is a visual artist whose work we appreciate and we recommend you to look at here. Domagoj is an amazing theater and movie actor from Osijek. He is known for his role in movie ZG80. Watch it and you will not regret it. Two hours of laughter! Behind this amazing makeup is Pale Canvas, great artist, painter Mirna Petrović. When you are a painter and in the same time makeup artist, is there a better combination? We don’t think so. She makeup work you can look here and artwork here .

In the next two months coming our new redesign of our website. We are very excited about showing you our new visual concept.

Until new story,

Tomislav & Lara
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