After few months of silence, we couldn’t wait to show you our new story – Boho Backyard Wedding which we had a pleasure to photograph a few weeks ago. This is also an opportunity to say a few words more because a lot of things happened in the meantime. This is our last blog before we start redesigning our website.

We met Matija and Antun last year on their pre-wedding session at Sovsko Lake (perfect location, warm recommendation). After that day, we knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Throughout the year we have heard each other occasionally and we worked together on our projects. When it was time for their wedding, we felt a little bit strange, because we have never photographed our friends yet.

That day was so special and perfect. The reception venue was bride’s garden, perfectly decorated, her beautiful room and everything full of plants and greenery. When Matija said that is going to have boho backyard wedding, we were very happy. Her work you can follow here. You will know exactly what we are talking about. This two amazing people did their best about the whole wedding. It didn’t matter where we were. We want to capture every detail like it was our first wedding. With them, we felt that we really love our job. With a dose of creativity, you can make “art” everywhere. Be aware of that!

All photos were taken in two little villages near town Požega. These villages had a different smell, a special one. I don’t know how to describe it. The atmosphere was different than ever before. All of the people around were looking at you as friends with cameras, not as photographers. They all trusted us. Really special feeling! Thank you once again for that and for sweet boho backyard wedding! After one week, we went for an after-wedding session near mountain Papuk. We would like to get you to these part of the story because photos will tell you much more than we can do.

Sometimes things like this happen in life and you realize that everything around you is a great opportunity to make something special. Don’t go for things that other photographers are showing. Go for something you love and follow your voices. Don’t yearn for already well-known destinations, you can see them on almost every website. Yearn for something that will fill your heart and soul. When you realize that, good things will just come to you. Choose to be happy photographers. Don’t be sad, full of negative criticism and bad stories. Don’t be unsatisfied with yourself.


Good luck to everyone until the end of the season!
With love, Marcijuš Weddings





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