everything you need to know about us


We are two honest and simple souls, in love with each other and we want to convey our love to photography. Wedding photography is our choice in which we can show all our emotions. We aren’t traditional wedding photographers. We are art wedding photographers who love spontaneity, creative focus and motion blur, black and white photography, and emotions. That’s why we are saying that we are not photographers for everyone. We wish to show weddings around the world in our own way and how we see it through digital and analog photography. This is a place where you can read all about us.

about us

“We don’t make a photograph just with a camera, we bring to the act of photography all the books we
have read, the movies we have seen, the music we have heard, the people we have loved.” – Ansel Adams



We are so in love with traveling and we hope that someday we will visit all countries which are on our wish lists, or a better option – the whole world! Except for photography, we adore moment spent in other countries. When we put these two things together, we are the happiest!


Analog photography is a beginning, in a photography world and our, too. From analog photography, we develop everything we know today and everything we create. These shoots published in various online magazines and interviews. Now, we do many projects and we photograph analog and digital, it’s now part of every our wedding, session and styled shoots. It’s our greatest love. There is no digital camera that can reproduce what analog film can.


Like traveling, we cannot imagine one year without one music festival or just a concert. I stopped counting bands whose concerts I was and these are just a few of them captured with a mobile camera. Just because of that huge love for music, our every blog has background soundtrack. On my playlist are currently Deftones, Interpol, Puscifer, Kasabian, Alt-J. Lara has a different taste for music, she prefers Sia, Lady Gaga, Kodaline, Hurts, Stereophonics, Adele.


It’s so hard to say something about art! We just can’t say enough for this and can’t choose right words, there is no enough place here for this. Art left a great impression on us – street art, museums, painters. We love to say that our work isn’t just documentary, it’s a fine art photography.


We are wedding, couple and editorial photographers. We photograph in a both way, digital and analog. Except for weddings, we love to photograph styled sessions, couples, pre-wedding or honeymoon sessions. We are available worldwide and if you want to go on an adventure with us, we are waiting for your inquiry.



We are big fans of movies, series, and TV shows. It is also a kind of relaxation for us, but a useful one. For someone, it is a waste of time and we understand them completely because we are not doing the same job. There are many series and movies that provide inspiration for photography and there is a lot of movies that are instructive for framing where you can really apply something to your work. It is a large selection of movies and, unfortunately, we can’t say which one is the best. Let’s say that this collage shows our top 10 movies.


We always love watching a good music video. No matter is it a singer or band we love and listen or not. These are some of the cadres with whom we can relate. We weren’t aware of that. A few years later, we noticed that some cadres from music videos remained in the subconscious and we convey them to our photos.


Édouard Boubat, Cornelie Tollens, Mario Testino, William Albert Allard,  Saul Leiter. Our inspiration is not only wedding photography. It is actually a minimum of inspiration in addition to all of these photographers and their works.


We really love spontaneity and we’re trying to present it wherever we can. We apply spontaneity even in a wedding, but we believe that street photography is showing the most of the spontaneity. There are some of the artists who left a big impression on us in this area: Boogie, Henri Cartier – Bresson, Robert Frank, Vivian Maier and many others.


“Black-and-white photography is a deformation, that is to say, an abstraction.
In it, all the values are transposed; and this leaves the possibility of choice.
– Henri Cartier-Bresson

In the beginning, there weren’t photographs in color. After so many years, black and white photos still exist and we give to them a huge importance and love to publish them. We believe that those photos, with others, is giving a special note to blog post and keep their documentary style. We love to show spontaneous moments more in b/w version because it gives special emotion to complete story. These are some examples of that kind of photography. We would never have imagined that they were taken in color.